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we are motherjane.

Every band has a story, and ours is made special by the fact that we have always been a brotherhood of possibilities. What started out as an exploratory foray with wanting to put out original music in a scene filled with covers turned into epic journey that has charted decades and brought us fans from across the country.


2 Albums, 3 singles and countless hours of blood, sweat, tears, laughter and music later, today we embark on the next leg of our journey with a whole new album in the making. 
Join us, for it is written, and by your hands it is rewritten! 

Meet The Band

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Suraj Mani

Lyrics & Vocal

The Singing Sensei
A critically acclaimed musician, Suraj is the lyricist/songwriter/ frontman of the legendary Indian band motherjane. Affectionately called India’s Rock Poet, Suraj’s lyrics break the barrier between rock and poetry and craft the quintessential motherjane experience. He also runs a very successful business in what he calls the noblest profession – keeping people cool aka Airconditioning.


Deepu Sasidharan

Rhythm Guitar

Mr. Silk & Steel

Smooth as silk on the surface and tough as steel inside – Deepu is the rhythmic & harmonic backing of the band, handling both the rhythm guitar as well as backing vocals for motherjane. Under his serene demeanour lies the heart of a comedian that offers a smile everywhere he goes.


Alloy Francis


The Metro Gnome

Reconfirming our faith that good things come in small packages, Alloy is the power-packed, foot thumping drummer of motherjane. Let not appearances fool you, this youngest member of the band also has over 12 years of experience drumming professionally – both Live and Studio.


Baiju Dharmajan

Lead Guitar

The God of Small Strings

An Indian guitarist, music composer, producer and guitar tutor Baiju is the lead guitarist of the Indian rock band motherjane. Nicknamed the "God of Small Strings" by his fans, Baiju is particularly noted for his winding, Carnatic-inspired progressive rock and enduring guitar solos which are intrinsic to the sound of motherjane.


Alan Santosh

Bass Guitar

Bassycally Brilliant

A musician and visual artist from Bangalore, Alan has been a bass guitarist for 7+ years, playing for numerous bands, across genres, his most recent addition being motherjane. Undetachable from his caps, (even in painted face) Alan is also the politest Death Metal lover you’ll ever meet!

Awards & Recognition

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